Auggeo is an innovative platform dedicated to helping non-profits make fundraising simple, automatic, digital and most importantly affordable.


The problem:


Volunteers often collectively spend thousands of hours doing tedious, non-value-adding tasks to raise funds. Perhaps, you’ve been one of those volunteers spending countless hours keeping track of participants, sending emails to donors, tracking down bidders in auctions, and coordinating other moving parts of a fundraising event.


What if there was a way to make this easier?

What if you could automate the processes that it takes to raise funds and awareness?

What if you had an all-in-one, easy to use platform for all your fundraising needs?

And what if all of this was fun?


The solution:


Auggeo is here to make that happen!

It’s a platform that combines all the functionalities of fundraising: ticketing for events, donations, auctions, and social media on one platform.


Auggeo helps non-profit institutions, schools, and corporations raise funds for the causes they care about by digitizing fundraising campaigns, events, and auctions using a self-service portal that is intuitive and quick for users to configure. Using Auggeo, you will be able to create a highly secure, personalized site that allows you to have instant access to the funds processed on it.

Auggeo’s mission is to make fundraising affordable. That said, there is no setup fee or charge and all donations go to the nonprofit at no cost. As a nonprofit ourselves, we are able to offer our platform at an unbeatable rate of a 1% processing fee, which is completely covered by a donor.

We are the only platform offers comprehensive fundraising services at zero cost to the nonprofit.

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